Facts and Ambiguity: Expressions in Composition

We are delighted to announce the first in a series of three upcoming shows featuring the artists of Women’s Art Power. The first exhibition, “Facts and Ambiguity: Expressions in Composition,” will run from June 7, 2018 through August 18, 2018 at The BIZ G87 Gallery, and will feature works by Gail Gardella, Sara Gilbert, Sherri Paul, and Anne Telford. The exhibition is curated by Donna Scarpa.

Opening Reception: Saturday June 9, 2018, 5:30-8:00PM

The gallery is located at 1987 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538.


A group exhibition featuring works by Gail Gardella, Sara Gilbert, Sherri Paul, and Anne Telford

BIZ G87 is pleased to present its newest exhibition, “Facts and Ambiguity: Expressions in Composition” curated by Donna Scarpa.  A group exhibition featuring works by Gail Gardella, Sara Gilbert, Sherri Paul, and Anne Telford.  “Facts and Ambiguity” invites the viewer to enter into the form of each painting and allows the individual to experience the art using the mind’s eye.  There is just enough detail for the viewer to become part of the experience and complete the story as they wish.

In Facts and Ambiguity: Expressions in Composition, the viewer will find women whose narratives of self-understanding tell their own unique stories by showing a sense of experience and creating their own personal world.  What are these artists telling us about themselves and their world?  Perhaps they are speaking to the complexity of women’s experience – the intersection between vulnerability, strength and specifically the ambiguity of women’s empowerment within the constraints of the world.  Perhaps these women have been empowered by finding their own creative voice?  This risk taking allows each artist to experience the freedom and joy that is found by embracing their own unique artistic expression, and to tell their stories as they wish.

Sara Gilbert’s art is a narration of factual information within the boundaries of knowledge, but always realizing what is not known- allowing us to look at the ambiguities that lie beneath the surface.  Gail Gardella’s art allows us to travel into the paintings where one can experience paths and impressions that produce feelings of tranquility and poetic moments.  Anne Telford states that ambiguity takes dominance in her paintings.  The stories that we tell ourselves and each other are always open to a variety of interpretations.  And Sherri Paul takes a good-humored view on the snapshots of life.  Finding joy in the factual and the spiritual world in which we live.

Participating Artists

Gail Gardella

Creating space through the interplay of light, color and atmosphere is the foundation of my work. Utilizing this interplay, space becomes tangible with light emanating from the interior.

While celebrating life with light, my work integrates perception as I attempt to capture the fleeting moment when poetics gives the breath of life, making the composition eternal.

I believe there is a hidden beauty everywhere and in everything. Every painting represents a magical moment in nature and I use sensitive brush strokes to express mood and feeling in my subjects. Whether a scene encompasses sensitive flowers or a searching landscape, the focus is reaching beyond. Painting is my sanctuary and my work reflects a passion to experience the never-ending search for growth as a person and as an artist.

Sara Gilbert

My work is reflective of my love of discovery and storytelling. Always learning and engaging with my inner self, my paintings are drawn from my imagination but often inspired by an emotion or scene from the many places I have visited. They are representative of my personality – slightly skewed, playful and questioning. Contemplative women are a common theme as well as narratives which evoke a feeling of mystery or intrigue. My perspective often ignores rules and the forms are built by layering color and shifting value and saturation. The process of painting excites me the most. I take photos at each stage and am not afraid to go back and paint over whole parts, adding new things to find a new shape or idea to build on. I am always eager to see what happens next.

Sherri Paul

An award-winning local artist, works out of the Green Studio on Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan. At Penn State, Sherri studied under acclaimed graphic artist Harold Altman, and then received an advanced degree at Lehman College. In her New York series of paintings, Sherri explores the city and its bewildering world of unlimited possibilities in a style she calls “urban realism.” These cityscapes and portraits capture the color, light and moods of the City and the variety of its inhabitants. The paintings, all in oil on linen or canvas, record fleeting moments in time with a snapshot quality and quirky humor. In a review in Gallery & Studio, Maureen Flynn wrote that Sherri Paul’s paintings “resonate poignantly in compositions as notable for their abstract virtues as their skilled realism.” In a recent series of landscapes, Sherri employs softly diffused hues to imbue the romantic oils with atmospheric charm. Trees stand as sentinels or sway while breeze-blown clouds float overhead. Color harmonies bolster the snapshot quality of the scenes with underlying formality. These seasonally-inspired landscapes and seascapes feature natural elements such as water, air and light. Sherri’s paintings are in numerous private and public collections.

Anne Telford

Painting is an ongoing attempt to depict moments that exist somewhere between fantasy and reality as well as between abstraction and representation. I believe that this is where human beings experience their lives. It is my hope that viewers will be provoked into a conversation, or the development of a personal narrative, with the painting that acknowledges the wonderful and often surprising nature of human behavior.

Donna Scarpa – Curator

Donna is an artist and a designer who lives and works in Larchmont.  Donna has been showing her artwork locally and in the Hudson Valley region.  Donna has a BFA in textile and surface design and has studied at The National Academy of Design, The School of Visual Arts, and The Arts Students League in New York.  “I’ve enjoyed bringing these four very talented female artists together and presenting this show at the BIZ G87 gallery.  We’re excited to share these new ideas in art to the public and to showcase each of these artists.”  This is the first of a series of three shows that Donna will be curating for the BIZ G87 gallery.


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